A Service & Solution Firm Specializing in implementation, integration, & optimization of cloud-based business systems designed to streamline processes & save money.



Extend your key business operations to a Terradare expert in automated and integrated, sales and marketing solutions.

Pro Serve

Managed Services

Custom-designed, project-based or on-demand services to fill the gaps in your sales & marketing operations.

Managed CRM

Managed CRM

Extend your marketing & sales functions to an expert available for on-demand service & support. 

Managed Business Ingtelligence

Managed BI

Let the experts tap into & manage your data to create actionable dashboards & simplified reports.


Put your company at the forefront with innovative, cloud-based systems.

Operational Automation

Operational Automation

When your systems can "talk" to each other, your operations can be streamlined within the "digital mesh" of business systems. Alleviate costly overhead and administrative work with operational automation.

Marketing Automation

Marketing & Sales Automation

From lead generation to closing the deal, automated marketing efforts are key to a strong flowing pipeline.

Reports & Dashboard Libraries

Report & Dashboard Libraries

On-demand reports and dashboards in 1 click to help manage internal and external operations.